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Quantitative Research Methods and Data Analysis Workshop 2020

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posted on 30.06.2020, 10:11 by Tracy ProbertTracy Probert, Maxine SchaeferMaxine Schaefer, Anneke Carien Wilsenach
We include the course syllabus used to teach quantitative research design and analysis methods to graduate Linguistics students using a blended teaching and learning approach.

The blended course took place over two weeks and builds on a face to face course presented over two days in 2019. Students worked through the topics in preparation for a live interactive video session each Friday to go through the activities. Additional communication took place on Slack for two hours each week. A survey was conducted at the start and end of the course to ascertain participants' perceptions of the usefulness of the course. The links to online elements and the evaluations have been removed from the uploaded course guide.

Participants who complete this workshop will be able to:
- outline the steps and decisions involved in quantitative data analysis of linguistic data
- explain common statistical terminology (sample, mean, standard deviation, correlation, nominal, ordinal and scale data)
- perform common statistical tests using jamovi (e.g. t-test, correlation, anova, regression)
- interpret and report common statistical tests
- describe and choose from the various graphing options used to display data
- use jamovi to perform common statistical tests and graph results

Participants who complete the course will use these skills and knowledge to complete the following activities for evaluation:
- analyse the data for a project and/or assignment (in part or in whole)
- plan the results section of an Honours research project (where applicable)

Feedback and suggestions can be directed to M Schaefer schaemn@unisa.ac.za


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