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posted on 03.03.2021, 10:49 by Adelle Van Zyl, Leora Farber (Prof)
S(h)elves (2017) (fig 4) is an exhibition of three large installations that centers on people’s collections of everyday objects. It is presented as partial fulfillment of my Master’s Degree in Visual Art and is accompanied by the thesis titled Kabakov:loss, meaning and absence in collections. The three installations are based on myself, my husband (Danie van Zyl) and my father (Jan-Carel Herselman). My
autobiographical work takes the form of a column of densely stacked objects, while the works that relate to my husband and my father consist of two rooms which the viewer is invited to enter into. The entire exhibition is made up of
found objects, since it is the nature of the objects that make up collections that are of interest to me.


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